Blast From The Past – Water

Hey friends!

I wanted to mention some of my past experiences with you before I start blogging about the adventures that I will be taking during these last few months of 2016. So, in order to do this, I would absolutely love to introduce my “Blast From The Past” series! I’ll keep it nice and condensed, offering you guys a series of 3 blog posts revolving around my experiences in the water, on land, and in the air. So, let’s jump right into it!

When I think of places with water, my mind goes straight to the beach and who can blame me? It’s a place of serenity, offering relaxation, warmth and sunshine, and a way of escaping reality even if it’s just for a couple of hours. The local beaches in Burlington and Hamilton are nice, but the beaches in Florida, Cuba, and Costa Rica are 100% better; I’m not too sure if I’m basing this rating on actual quality of the beaches or if it’s because I was on vacation and these places were paradise – most likely the latter.

Even though tanning and relaxing on the beach is a great way to spend some extra time, getting into the water or into boats and rafts prove to be more exciting and adventurous.

One of my fondest memories this past year was when I went rafting in Lake Ontario with a couple of my siblings and friends. The raft we used needed to be inflated and we knew that we did not have a portable pump, nor did we have enough combined power in our lungs to blow up this 12-person raft (take a look at the raft below!). So, we did the only thing we could think of and inflated the raft in the parking building and trekked down the streets of Burlington to the lake, bringing us so much attention because it needed all eight of us to carry it. Although carrying the raft was an experience in itself, actually getting the boat into the lake and going on our rafting adventure was extremely exciting and fun. We packed snacks and drinks and brought along music and enjoyed the night together surrounded by the beautiful waters of Lake Ontario.



Speaking of beautiful waters, walking through the rivers and under the waterfalls in Guanacaste, Costa Rica was the most wonderful experience. These waters were naturally bright blue; they were mesmerizing and I couldn’t believe the beauty in them. Getting closer and closer to the water didn’t help answer my questions of how it was so blue because the water was clear and the rocks below were shades of grey. I guess I’ll just have to make another trip to Costa Rica to do more investigation! Poor me… 😉 Now, every time I think of clear waters, these are the images that come to mind:

Lastly, another memorable time on the water had to be when I went on a catamaran in Cuba, heading to Paradise Island nearby. I had the opportunity to sit on the catamaran’s safety net, where we could see the water below us through the ropes. This was an exhilarating feeling because I felt like I was hanging over the edge of the boat while at the same time, floating over top of the water. I thoroughly enjoyed this water experience because it made me feel as open as the ocean, with the wind blowing in my hair, the sun shining right down on me, and the water just an arm’s reach away.



If you ever have a chance to be on or in the water, I would strongly suggest that you take it. There’s something special, relaxing, and mesmerizing about the water that I just can’t resist.



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