Blast From The Past – In the Air

Hey Friends!

Last in my ‘Blast From The Past’ series, my experiences in the air! Besides flying in a plane, I can only remember two distinct memories of being in the air: being in the backseat of a little 4-seated airplane and zip lining in Costa Rica. Now, before we start, I know what you’re thinking: I can’t stop talking about Costa Rica. And you know what? You’re absolutely right! It was by far the absolutely best trip I’ve ever taken, which just happens to be the trip where I did a lot of adventuring!

In Guanacaste, Costa Rica, they were in abundance of beautiful landscapes with trees, rivers, and open fields everywhere. A few days before leaving, my boyfriend and I still had some fun money left over and decided that zip lining would be the best way to end the trip. Nick has always been an adventurous person, willing to do anything. I am too… except with things that involve heights, so you can only imagine my excitement and fear to zip line in a beautiful forest with tall trees that had bright green leaves, while also standing on a metal grate that’s suspended off the tree’s branches with holes in it so that you could see all the way to bottom of the trunk.
Moving passed my slight fear of heights, the experience was absolutely incredible and I would definitely do it again (I would just keep my head up and resist the temptation to look down next time). We hiked up the hills from zip line to zip line and even got the chance to change our positions when we went down the cables. We were clipped at our mid section, going down the cable in a seated position as well as having the opportunity to go upside down with a guide, and we were also clipped by the back of our belt, being able to lay vertically in ‘superman’ form, going down the cable head first. It was an incredible experience! I’ve also heard of places in the GTA called ‘Tree Top Trekking’ which offer similar experiences in Ontario with options of going through obstacles and other fun courses, which I am definitely interested in doing when the weather warms back up again!

Three years ago I was able to get Nick tickets to the Brampton Flight Centre to learn how to fly a Cessna C-172 C-GFFZ. I don’t have much knowledge with airplanes or engines but the ride what absolutely frightful and exciting all at the same time. Before we were allowed to even step foot on the little plane, we were giving a tutorial on how the flight would go. Once we were given rules and instructions, we were on our way!
I was only a passenger, watching Nick and our guide maneuver the airplane from the front seats, but I felt like I was right at the front of the airplane, ready to take the steering wheels into my own hands. Of course, I wasn’t able to reach over the seats with my little arms, nor did I have the courage to take the reins and even if I did, I knew I would get into trouble because the rules specifically instructed me to stay in the back seat and make sure I didn’t disturb the pilot.
We went down a runway and back up again to show Nick how the airplane controlled its weight and once we were back at the beginning of the runway, we were off! It started off slow and then picked up momentum and before we knew it, our wheels were off the runway and we were heading straight up into the air. It was such an exhilarating moment; seeing everything on the ground start to shrink and being able to see over the trees into the skyline.
It was probably the coolest experience… for maybe 10 minutes. After the adrenaline wore off, I started to get motion sick and fully aware that I was soaring thousands of feet in the air. I couldn’t wait to get back onto the ground. Nonetheless, I was able to hold off on getting sick in the airplane and enjoyed the ride while it lasted because I knew that I probably wouldn’t get to experience it again.

I would love to show you guys a short video of our takeoff, but unfortunately my WordPress account doesn’t allow for video uploads. So hopefully pictures will still do!



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