Blast From The Past – On Land

Hey friends!

Sorry that I’ve taken so long to write another post! I have been busy with school and even busy enjoying the weather that I haven’t been able to sit myself down and share my experiences with you! So, without further adieu, here’s my second post from my ‘Blast from the Past’ series about my on-land experiences.


When I was in Costa Rica, I had the opportunity to go on an excursion which included a ride in a safari jeep that took us to the side of a inactive volcano. On the ride up, we saw a lot of different animals including: bulls, monkeys, and even sloths! Watching the sloth in the tree top was so much fun! They move so slowly, hang from the branches and are so mesmerizing to watch. If I could have stayed there all day with the sloths, I definitely would have!

When we got to the volcano, we were able to immerse ourselves in a natural mud bad. We smothered ourselves in mud from head to toe, sun bathed as it dried, and washed it off with the warm water in the rivers running down from the volcano. After our mud baths, we went to a natural hot spring and were able to enjoy and relax in total peace and quiet. And the best part? Amazingly soft skin! I have never had a mud bath before so I was a little hesitant to throw dirt onto my body. But now that I’ve experienced the wonders of mud baths, I would definitely do it again!ifvzw4qgu70qi

Moving away from a great on-land experience, I remember when I was in Grade 8 and we had gone on a skiing trip that didn’t go quite so well. This skiing trip was the first time I’ve ever stepped foot on ski hills. I took a really long time to graduate from the bunny hills and I remember not being too confident in my snowplough turn technique but I wanted to jump onto the big hills because my friends had all passed the bunny hill tests and I wanted to join them. I had gone down the hills a couple of times with minimal turning, going straight down the hill. Not knowing how to turn properly, I went down a hill and ended up zipping down it in a straight line. In my peripherals I had seen one of my friends coming at me on my right and another coming towards me on my left. I didn’t know what do and I was so nervous of veering from my path so I continued straight down the hill. What a bad decision! In a split second, all three of us collided and rolled down the hill! One of my skis flew off and my friend lost his glove; what a mess this created! Looking back on the experience, it doesn’t seem so bad anymore but I still don’t go skiing because of it. You win Mother Nature, you win.



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