Jumping Into Plans For My Next Vacation!

Hey friends!

I’ve been talking to Nick and a couple friends of mine and we were thinking of going to Jamaica at the end of April 2017! Have you ever been before? One of my best friends went in July 2015 and she had such a great time, so much so that I’ve been thinking about Jamaica as my next vacation destination!

When my friend, Sara, and her family went to Ocho Rios in Jamaica, she had an amazing time. There was a particular excursion she and her family went on which had me sold on trying to get there myself. Without telling them any details of the excursion, her brother had called for a taxi which took them up the side of a mountain. Once they arrived, they changed into their bathing suits, locked away all of their belongings, and set off on their hike down into the mountain. During their hike, they had to get down on the ground and squeeze themselves through a tiny hole. There was a lot of struggle but it was definitely worth the effort. They ended up in a place called “Irie Blue Hole”. There were bodies of vibrant blue waters with gorgeous waterfalls. And of course, the tour guides encouraged them to jump off the cliffs and waterfalls or even swing into the water from a Tarzan rope.

Here’s a video I found on YouTube by DDIY Guy Danny Jose, which looks exactly like what Sara had described to me.

This looks incredible and the tour guides’ cliff jumps are absolutely insane! What do you guys think? Should I go to Jamaica for my next vacation? I can’t deny that I’m definitely considering it!



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